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What I Want to Write Down
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10th-Dec-2030 05:14 am - Introduction?
Yuki - Shyest Smiles
Hey, this is Mimiru. Since I thought my previous journal mimiru12 was ... really old. I decided to open a new one. :D



This journal is basically for my daily ramblings and roleplaying. Memes and the like won't be friend-locked but some personal stuff will be. Nothing too outstanding. :Da

And thanks for visiting my journal. Many loves. <33

Banner credit goes to midoriankh
(SW) Yukimura - FRIENDSHIP
Warning: Spoilers for P3P and FMC. Unbeta'd.

Long, long time ago...Collapse )

And then something totaly different.

Warning: Body-switching. MC and FMC changes bodies ... or I intend to. Unbeta'd.

So his morning started like thisCollapse )

I probably made like bunch of mistakes and they might all sound awkward. Derp, derp. They aren't even finished to I'll just leave them here for now. And also because I have nowhere to save these to. 8D
Neuro - Cracks goes the head
Well, I got like three hours of free time here, so I thought I would stalk my two favortie places in the world: somarium and vatheon

First in somarium:
- The AU event. Nnnghh. D: It looks like such fun.
- ... JESUS!?. Oh my fdkajflaj dflsadf I THOUGHT I WOULDN'T SEE YOU EVER AGAIN.
- PFFFFFF OUR SB cast is so like da bomb.
- SO EXCITED ABOUT RES PAGE. Mukuro and Giotto ~ ♥ /cheers
- Wait, we have an Emil? I ... kind of think I know who plays him. :|a Hmmmm...Rel is that you?

In vatheon
- N-new people. There are a lot of new people.
- ...Wow, there really were dinos.
- Looking at the taken page somehow makes me feel proud. =)

I am kind of glad people seem to be out of the slump they were in in winter. Also terms must be ending pretty soon. Good luck to many of you with your finals!
30th-Mar-2011 02:17 pm - Korea Diary - 003
(SW) Yukimura - FRIENDSHIP
How come no one told me I had to climb mountains ...?

Okay, not really mountain, since Nam mountain is like curved into a beautiful park, but still ...

1. Is still somewhat cold here, but the flowers will bloom soon. Hopefully. To discourage me, it snowed here yet again with cold rain. What.

2. Okay, maybe PC places weren't that bad, but I am going to end up using like 2, 000 wan everyday.

3. So I went to the one of the royal palaces in Seoul called 경북궁 and the king's bed chamber is right next to the queen's. He could probably have sneaked out at night to do some night time activities. (8D /shot

4. I saw traditional wedding! Granted I had no idea who that was, but still ... it was really cool. I guess brides are always pretty when they get married regardless of the country.

5. I have now given up on trying to get by people. >> If you wanna bump into me, bump into me.

6. I rode that interesting subway system yesterday ... alone. But it was piece of cake!! I did it all by myself (was I good mommy?). Forget that was I was breaking out cold sweat...

7. I finished three books of Saiunkoku Monatagiri (and I probably misspelled that, heck there's probably a lot here writing fast). And I really wanna play someoen from it. If possible, Seiran. ... But nooot sure if I will go through with it. If there was a Shuurei I know maybe ... thinks about dis

8. Um ... Cal? Did you get the mail? I keep thinking about it and can't help but feel very uneasy ... orz I'm a worrywort.

Well, it must be getting pretty nice over there in the States ...Maybe not up there, but down there ...
20th-Mar-2011 04:53 pm - Korea Diary - 002
EnNatsu - You&#39;re so STUPID
Guess where I am. I'm not in Seoul, but in Degu. Bullet trains are hella fast, oh yeah. :D

Must not get carsick, omgCollapse )
13th-Mar-2011 01:10 pm - Diary entry - 001
Angel Beats - Of Tenderness
... Yeah so I made it to Korea okay, albeit I froze my ass off for couple of days, but hey, I will do anything for some sweet baked goods in shape of cute fishies.

Just few ramblings hereCollapse )
22nd-Feb-2011 12:00 am - Sharing
Angel Beats - Of Tenderness
Dropping out of all my games ... was an interesting experience. I feel really bad for leaving, but can't help but feel bit relieved to know that someone won't be waiting for my tags or something. Yeah, hopefully it will help me start sleeping better.

Meanwhile, I finally uploaded the pictures in my digicam. I thought I should share some. :)

My roomCollapse )

Now for some summer outdoorCollapse )
15th-Feb-2011 07:21 pm - Newsflash
Hei and Yin - Listen closely
Last week has been hell. I just suffered the worst bed-ridden fever. ;; My hands are still shaking from it. Geez. ;;;

I hate being sick and just glad I didn't have to go to the emergency or anything.

And look like my tutoring won't be held this week at all. The kid is going to see his father in Atlanta, so no tutoring. I hope she has fun eating them chicken wings. xD (Her father is my cousin and he owns a hot wing joint. Don't ask me why he decided to open a hot wing place of all things. Honestly).

Hope everyone had fun Valentine's Day. As for me, I am just going to eat some black spaghetti in April 14. Go singles. Whoot.


/crawls into bed
27th-Dec-2010 02:10 am - Merry .... fkdajsdlf a FUUUU-
P3 - HUH?
W-well, my lovely desktop had a lovely date with Antivirus Software Alert aka MALWARE FROM HELL overnight. And I think it'll be out of order for few days. ...which is bad since Christmas presents were in that harddrive ... Hahaha;;

Argh, I'm never watching Heartcatch Precure again :|
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